HouzeStudent provides +500 Rooms in Lisbon, Caparica and Cascais

With ESN get 50€ off semester total rental value / 100€ off full year rental value

With fully furnished and equipped apartments near IST, ISEG, CLSBE, FCT and NOVA SBE, HouzeStudent is prepared to welcome and integrate students from all over the world. Main advantages: 

  • Houzes set up exclusively for partner universities and their students
  • Competitively priced quality Houzes in excellent locations
  • Support and maintenance team always available
  • Simple and quick renting process
  • 100% legal, with lease contracts and monthly receipts

With ESN Almada, all associates will have the right to a 50€ discount on the total value of the semester. If you stay for a year, the discount will be of 100€

Should you chose to take a room with HouzeStudent, you will have to:

  • Make a payment of the reservation fee and send its proof to Houze. The reservation fee is composed by the last monthly payment + a 200€ security deposit (this will be paid back to you if no damages have been made or if there is no quitting until the end of the contract);
  • Send a copy of an ID card, official address, proof of studies and an emergency contact;

At the moment of the check-in you will sign the contract, receive the keys, and pay the first month. In case you need you can ask HouzeStudent to divide the first monthly payment in two parts (first part at the check-in and second part together with the second month). After checking into your room, you have a month to show present your ESNcard.

In order to access the discount, just send an e-mail to info@houzestudent.com and president@esnalmada.org in CC, mentioning your intention to book an apartment with themAfter checking into your room, you have one month to present your ESNcard.